25 Lessons For Creatives by Patti Smith:

1. Never apologize for being an artist.

2. Look for the magic.

3. Your life is a canvas.

4. Don’t fake being unique, you already are.

5. Try not to let having to earn a living get in the way of your creative work.

6. The role of the artist is to see what others do not.

7. Don’t just be a mirror of society, transform it.

8. Keep your head in the clouds but your feet firmly on earth.

9. The work is what matters.

10. Art might not always make you cool or popular.

11. Delight in a trusting creative partnership.

12. Believe in the “blue star” of your destiny.

13. You might struggle to find your medium.

14. But you will find signs that point you on the right path.

15. You will experience low periods.

16. You will question yourself.

17. You will get blocked.

18. Be suspicious of early success.

19. Don’t pause to take spoils.

20. Don’t look back.

21. If you miss a beat, create another.

22. The truly talented don’t need to show off.

23. Never sell out.

24. Life is not simple.

25. Practice, practice, practice til you hit your stride.

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The fruit loop in a world full of cheerios.

The fruit loop in a world full of cheerios.